Tips for the “Onion Skin” Phase of the Tattoo Healing Process

Getting a new tattoo is an exhilarating experience. Though the tattooing process can range from uncomfortable to downright painful, the pride of having a new piece of artwork on your skin is worth it. 

The healing process is definitely a test of will power as well. From the tenderness in the first few days after being inked to the itchy, peeling scabs during the “Onion Skin” phase, it’s important to diligently clean, protect, and hydrate the fresh wounds from the tattooing process.

At Aftershock Skin Care, we know that each phase of healing presents a different struggle to keep your skin healthy and your tattoo in good condition. That’s why we developed an entire line of tattoo aftercare products that can be used during different stages of healing to make it as comfortable as possible. Continue reading for more tattoo care instructions and how to avoid itching and discomfort during the “Onion Skin” phase of tattoo healing.

Keep Your Skin Covered

You’ll notice a couple of days after receiving your tattoo that your skin will start to peel and even scab. Welcome to the “Onion Skin” phase. We recommend wearing clothing that covers your new tattoo. This will keep your skin protected from coming into contact with irritants that can make your skin itch or burn, not to mention, it will prevent you from leaving a trail of shedding skin wherever you go for the next few days.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Speaking of irritants, avoid exposing your freshly tattooed skin to sunlight. Your skin is wounded and can quickly become irritated or burned by the sun. This goes back to our first tip of keeping your tattoo covered up, but it’s a good idea to reschedule any outdoor activities after being tattooed as well. Even a covered tattoo can become irritated by the extra heat.

Avoid Scented Products Like the Plague

There’s a reason your tattoo aftercare products are unscented. Avoid applying any perfumes, scented soaps, or fragrant lotions lest ye experience their unforgiving burn. The whole idea behind this stage is to let your skin continue to heal and shed by keeping it hydrated and soothed. Scented products will only irritate and burn your new tattoo, so stay away.

Don’t Itch

This is perhaps the most crucial tattoo care instruction during the “Onion Skin” phase: don’t itch. This may remove a layer of skin that was already starting to peel, but it can irritate the skin underneath and prolong the healing process. Not only does itching delay the healing process, but your tattoo can also heal unevenly. Protect your investment and keep your hands busy with other tasks.

Use Products Specifically Formulated for “Onion Skin”

What if there was a tattoo aftercare product that helped keep your skin hydrated without having to touch it too much during the “Onion Skin” phase? Enter the Hydrating Spray from Aftershock Skin Care. This spray is formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 to soothe irritated, inflamed, and itchy skin. When paired with these other tattoo care instructions, it makes this stage of the healing process much more bearable.